We have been working on creating our Easter/Spring Collection collars. I am absolutely in love with this martingale and tag collar combination. 

The Martingale Collar features a blue base with white bunnies and a darker shade of blue thistles, flowers and stars adorning it. The top loop is a white background with blue flowers. It can be found in our Martinagle section.  

The Tag-House Collar is featured in our Easter section and is made from the same fabric used for the top loop in the Martingale collar.  

This same print will be available in plum base with mauve flowers and white bunny accents. It will be posting soon! Also, all of the Easter prints have been posted in the Easter section where you can choose either a Quick Release Buckle Collar or a House -Tag Collar.

Remember, quantities for each print are limited!


🐇 Trista